Surround Mixing

Second Elements provides 5.1 surround mixing services for movie makers with either Dolby or DTS coding. We always use high-quality sound effects for recording Foley as well as recreating all the ideal ambiences. Our aim is to provide 360 degrees sound that envelops the audience entirely. To achieve the best playback performance for 5.1 Surround mixing we process original recordings that have multi-channel recording techniques for the purpose of thematic music, instrumental accessory, orchestra layout, sound field, as well as circumstantial ambience. We produce such surround sound effects virtual reality impressions that vividly as well as vivaciously recreate to the viewers.

From video production services to sound mixing options we also offer a full range of options that includes lossless, discrete, matrixes, 5.1 Dolby Digital, 7.1 Dolby Digital as well as 8.0 HD. We ensure that our clients receive the most value from their production project. Thus, we believe in providing full surround sound mixing in whichever format they desire. Not only this, our experienced and dedicated staff makes use of sophisticated post-production method. They even change the volume of certain sounds relative to others after recording the same.

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At Second Elements our main focus is at Quality. Hence we deliver high-quality 5.1 surround mixing services. Our fast turn around times helps us to make sure that we provide our services in no time. The experience that we have gained by serving our customers has given us the ability to speak your language as well as of your client. We thus give the best opportunity to talented startup producers who desire the best cost-performance ratio with limited budgets.  

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