Meme Marketing

On average a person spends nearly 2 hours on social media every day and memes are the sole reason for increased spending. Memes nowadays are on the rise and people get amused and share them as well. They affect the psychology of your viewers and transforms your audience into your target audience. Thus involving memes by meme marketing can help the business to promote their products as well as share instances revolving around the brand. We at Second Element offer meme marketing services so that your brand can communicate with the users in their language and portray the same as their pal.

Meme Marketing isn’t only about posting Memes on Brand Handle. It’s about leveraging Meme Page’s massive and loyal audience to establish a connection with the youth by the help of psychology driven Memes to reach the Millions of people. It’s also a great way to spread awareness using memes across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as these social mediums has potential to reach 500 Million + Youth each month.

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Our team do indepth research about the brand personality and its category, post that we search for references and context that people can relate to. Then we create objective-driven Memes covering aspects of your brand’s communication goals in order to deliver a good dose of humour to your audience in youth’s language.

Affective ideas. Since always.

  • We create relevant as well as relatable memes for your brand in such a manner that adds sharing value to your business
  • Our expert team of professionals create memes keeping in mind that memes should not be overtly promotional and that there is a thin edge between engaging and promoting
  • Meme lead Social Media campaigns

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