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Introduction videos or intro videos quickly grab your audience’s attention as well as successfully shows what you can expect from your company within a few seconds. In most cases, customers make a purchase decision after watching intro videos of respective products or services. Intro videos allow you to demonstrate what your company does in ways that texts can’t. In it, you can briefly show how your product or service works rather than explaining through lengthy text, which often becomes confusing.

Research shows that 64% of consumers make a purchase decision after watching branded intro videos offered by businesses on social media platforms. Videos are like ketchup at barbecue which makes them an essential part of every business’s marketing toolkit. Thus we at Second Element offer intro video marketing services so that your business doesn’t miss a key opportunity to sell itself.

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Features of Intro Video Services 

  • Our professional graphic designers will create a distinctive, visually dynamic video intro that’ll be sure to arouse interest in your brand, product or service.
  • Using our tools, marketers, as well as entrepreneurs, can create their own videos free of cost without investing a dime entirely online without downloading or installing any software  
  • Generate real-time, multi platform as well as actionable insights with videos that either have pre roll, mid roll, post roll or bumper
  • Increase ROI as well as brand awareness by display ads 
  • Our beautiful design as well high converting ad templates enables you to choose a marketing video or whatever type you want 
  • Make all the changes that you desire from your web browser by using our online advertisement editor 

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