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 8 things where we can implement the Keyword

 8 things where we can implement the Keyword


Keywords are the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. They can be used as metadata to describe images, text documents, database records, and Web pages. Keywords are used on the Web in two different ways:

 1) as search terms for search engines   2) words that identify the content of the website. 

8 things where we can implement the keyword are

  • Meta Title 
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keyword
  • Content
  • Alt text or Alt images
  • H-1 Tags
  • Anchor text
  • URL

1.Meta title:

Meta- This means when we start writing with meta it is exclusively for crawlers to show our information on the search engine result page.

       The meta title will be seen on the search engine result page. This title has a 60 character limit Including space. The relevance of content and title should match. Keywords must be there. The title must be logically and grammatically correct. The title must build curiosity, it should be attractive . 4 places where meta title is visible

  1. Search engine result page
  2. Heading
  3. Page source
  4. Social media apps

Meta title = Primary keyword and Meta title

  1. Meta description:

 The explanation below the title is called description. The same implementation of the title should be done. There’s no restriction that we can use the same keyword for title and description. Only 160 character limits including space. It should be attractive and informative. The description is what our title and content are clearly defined all about.

Meta keyword= Secondary keyword x Meta description.

  1. Meta Keywords:

   Secondary keywords should be inserted. In meta keywords, are the top 5 keywords should be inserted. Google optimizes meta keywords by SEO analysis only. Google just ignores meta keywords if it is not done by SEO analysis. Other search engines don’t ignore it.

  1. Content :

If one eye is the keyword the other eye is content. Content is also known as the king and the queen is context. There are 4 types of content. They are

  • Image 
  • Video 
  • Text 
  • Audio

Content is a strategic marketing focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. 

To create content there are 2 types. They are

  • Straight pyramid-In this pyramid we show the climax in the 1st paragraph and then we elaborate it.
  • Inverted pyramid- In this pyramid we 1st elaborate it and then in the end we come to an end.

Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.

  1. Alt text/ Alt image:

   Alt means alternative text. It is an alternative for visual text. When a particular image takes time to load till then the text is seen and automatically the text disappears once the image loads. Only if we are using an image for a purpose then we have to implement an alternative text. The image must be less than 100kb. The format of google image (that is alternative image) is 

  • .JPG
  • .PNG
  • .GIF

The image must be of a low size and it should have high quality.

  1. H-1 Tags:

   The full form of H-1 tags is header tags. It should be done in order wise or else the crawlers will not be able to crawl. The implementation of SEO is done on the header level. 90% of the things are done at header level. Header tags are under content level. Header tags are H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4, H-5, H-6. The highest header tag is H-1 and the lowest is H-6. Always the title is dedicated to H-1. Introduction, meaning, and definition are clearly defined dedicated to H-2. The type of division is given to H-3. The subdivision is given to H-4. In subdivision, if there are more subdivisions it is given to H-5. Crawlers crawl and target the keywords at the body level.

  1. Anchor text:

 Whenever there is a keyword that is an anchor text. Anchor text should not be done on the title. There are 3 types of anchor text. They are-

  • Exact match anchor text- In anchor text, we click on that it opens to a new page in that the title and content should match.
  • Backlink anchor text- We are getting traffic from someone else’s website through anchor text.
  • Spammy anchor text- Anchor text where the traffic is redirected to purchase a particular thing.

Anchor means holding the links. There are various links. They are

  • Internal link- A link that internally connects the website where the user navigates within the website from one page to another.
  • External link- The link which redirects the user from one website to another.
  • Backlink – Also known as off-page SEO. Users coming into our website from other websites.
  • In-bound link- Inbound means services. The traffic coming on our website is called a bound link. A backlink is an inbound link.
  • Outbound link – Outbound means sales. The traffic going outside our website is called an outbound link. The external link is an outbound link.
  • Do follow the link- any link without the nofollow attribute is a do-follow link. When another website links to yours with a do-followBacklinkonInboundBacklinkthe link, it can directly affect search engine rankings.
  • No follow link- This means if the website owner is linking back to you, it does not pass the juice link. Juice link means this link is present in high domain authority. Link juice is a ranking factor.


   The full form of URL is a uniform resource locator. A URL is nothing more than the address of a given unique resource on the web. Rules of URL

  • We can’t use numbers and special characters in URLs.
  • We can only use “-” in URLs and it’s mandatory.
  • Capital letters shouldn’t be used.
  • Primary keywords must be targeted.
  • URL must be short and simple.
  • The character limit in URL is 70.


How to make money with DIGITAL MARKETING

How to make Money with DIGITAL MARKETING

There are many ways to make money in digital marketing. The best 6 ways are

  • Content writer
  • Website designing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google ads
  • Sell your own digital products


  1. Content writer:

A content writer, writes content for website, blogs, videos, email marketing campaign, advertising campaigns, social media posts, search engine optimization and more. Content writing should be unique and creative. It should be simple and easy for the public to understand. It is the process of 

  • Planning
  • Selecting a topic 
  • Getting information about it
  • Writing
  • Editing the web content

It can include blog posts and articles, scripts for videos, content for specific platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, google my business, YouTube, Quora and more. It is the most effective way to generate leads, target search engine optimization. As customers move out of the regular promoting world and into the digital circle, your online content will turn out to be more and more significant.

    2.Website Designing:

Through website deigning also we can money in digital marketing. So, 1st lets understand what is a website and what do we have to do in it? Website is a collection of web pages. Web pages combine headings, sell products and information. The main components of website designing are

  • Friendly user experience:

 When designing your website and planning your brand image, always keep users in mind. Make sure your website is as easy to use. Make sure it is easy for users to find and click all links on your website. Ensure the website loading speed is fast.

  • Search engine optimization:

When approaching web design with SEO in mind, you should think about the objectives you want the website to achieve . New trends in web design come and go all the time, but your presence online and brand image is something you want to stay.

  • Conversion optimization:

A website’s design has a huge impact on conversion rates. Good design improves conversion rates. The main elements of your website design are

  • Navigation
  • Color
  • Branding
  • Wording

  3.Social media marketing:

In Social media marketing, we can post pictures, videos about our company and website. In social media marketing we can run ads so that we generate more leads. Nowadays people use more social media marketing so its easy pull the traffic to our website or page. We can create our own page in social media marketing. We can write content, our phone number, location, hashtags while we post. In social media marketing we have-

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Affiliate marketing
  • ORM- Online reputation management
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • WhatsApp business

Social media and its content also increasingly serve as a source of information, and have even replaced traditional media such as television or newspapers. Thus social media content can play an important role in a company’s content marketing strategy. Content on social media channels can have a considerable reach, and because of its close proximity to the user can often prove more effective than classic advertising.

4.Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization is a skill to implement on website. Reason to make our website visible to search engine organically is to get traffic. There are 3 types of search engine optimization. They are:

  • On page SEO- Website is a collection of web pages where search engine optimization is implemented on every page of the website.
  • Off page SEO- Promoting our website. (It means promoting our website on others page.
  • Technical SEO- This search engine is an extended part of On page SEO. Basically people use on page and off page. This a new search engine introduced.

A good SEO should include website structure analysis, website content analysis, conversion rate analysis and optimization of website code and structure. If you have a website, blog, or online store, SEO can help you get free targeted traffic from search engines. Clients trust web crawlers and having a presence in the top situations for the keywords the client is looking, expands the site’s trust. The forms of SEO are:

  • White hat SEO- Search engine legally follow every procedure.
  • Black hat SEO- Search engine legally don’t follow any procedure.
  • Grey hat SEO- Search engines implements both the SEO that is white hat and black hat SEO.

    5. Google ads:

  • Google ads always work on a keyword search intent. In 2002, it was known as google AdWords. In 2019, it changed to google ads. They started the bidding model. There are 4types of ads. They are
  • Search ads- These are the search engine result page ads.
  • Display ads- These ads are used in website, app and Email.
  • Shopping ads- These ads are for products.
  • Video ads- These ads are mainly for YouTube.

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform  known as pay-per-click (PPC), where you (the advertiser) pays per click or per impression (CPM) on an ad. Google Ads can be worth it for small businesses. There are a ton of benefits advertising on Google can offer including the ability to reach targeted and motivated audiences, a pay for performance pricing model. An advertisement should contain a catchy headline, powerful image, benefit for the reader, unique advantage and call to action. Googles are expensive but we get leads, clicks and impressions. The bidding types in google ads are

  • CPC- Cost per click
  • CPI- Cost per install (app)
  • CPA- Cost per acquisition(leads or enquiry)
  • CPV- Cost per view (YouTube)
  • CPM- Cost per mile (1000 impressions)
  • vCPM- viewable cost per mile

6.Sales and marketing tips for selling digital products are:

  • Create a great product.
  • Promote a lead magnet.
  • Start an affiliate magnet.
  • Collect pre orders.
  • Should put offers to get more traffic.
  • Offer a money back guarantee.
  • Should provide both online payment and cash on delivery.

The pricing strategies to sell your products is know the market and the price competitively, demonstrate the differences, let customers try before they use, offer an added bonus.


📈Ad spent ₹8540/- in a span of 30 days and generated 963 leads

Focused Facebook & Instagram and Generated a Good Number of leads !!

Niche: Generate leads of teachers and tutors all over India & it is an Ed-Tech Startup

Total Leads generated: 963

Daily budget: ₹300/-

Duration: 30 days

Platform: Facebook and Instagram

The average cost per lead: ₹8.87/-

Target location: India

Goal: To generate leads of school teachers or tutors and get them registered on our portal.

Client requirement: 100 registrations on the portal.

Total registrations on the portal: 583

The client came up with an idea to connect students and teachers, both online and offline which helps them to find the perfect tutor or student in their area or teach online all over India.

We created a landing page and sent the traffic to the landing page and collected the data like name email and phone no. and once this form is completed we sent the audience to the registration portal.

Competitor Analysis: 

  • Other companies were charging an initial registration fee for the tutors. We beat our competitors by giving FREE registration for 30 days. As soon as we receive a registration
  • Our Competitors made a big mistake in followups but we made the right sales team for the follow-up and frankly telling you follow up where the money is
  • Landing Page we made simple and elegant to attract the tutors and we told the client don’t make huge money on making premium landing page we made simple landing page that can convert the tutors

Note: For the tutors, First 30 days free registration and later from the second month they had to pay a certain amount as every month in the charges the leads what we got in that 60% was converted into paying customers.

Quick Tips :

  • For this campaign image converted better for the leads than videos and gifs
  • For Free Registration, you can go with images than video and we tried in the stock market niche there is also an image that worked better for us than video
  • Ed-Tech Campaign is a bit tricky do more research let be time consuming but make the perfect campaign
  • In this Niche, the Sales Team is very important. Train your sales team perfectly or it will make your life difficult.
  • Focus on the Follow-Ups and because of follow-ups we meet our target & what the client asked for the leads we gave him more leads what he asked.

Hope You Get Some Value and this is my first case study and day by day goes I will be improvising in writing case studies and sharing value as much as can with you all 🔥

📈Spending 1.3 Lakhs Rupees and Generating Revenue 85 Lakhs Plus Revenue In a Span of 6 Months

Focused on Only One Medium till now and now launching Google Ads from December and we did amazon ads we tested for 1 week spent around 1.5k in ads and made about 10k revenue and I can say is in amazon if you have a great product and at the right price we can sell there easily and In amazon, Monday and Tuesday were not the best day and weekend we made pretty good sales

Niche: Into Interior, Like they are selling Artificial Grass, Wallpaper, Carpet tile and many more products like they are having about 15+ products selling

Number of Leads: 2000

Average Per Lead Cost: Rs.74 Per Lead

Per Lead Conversion : Rs.10k – Rs.15k

Target Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, Hubli, and Dharwad

Due to Pandemic our client sales was drooping they were offline they had two stores later they get on a call with us and later we brought them online first we made a website then Landing Pages, and last started running paid ads

Major Loopholes what we found was :

> In this Four Location where we targeted there we fewer people running ads in the niche

> Our competitors who were running ads they were selling at a high price but we beat them with our affordable price

>No Quick response to customer

>No Sales Team

>No Follow-up Emails to customers

Google Ads we Spent around 10k but Later Per Lead Cost was Rs.45 Per Lead and in Facebook, we were getting amazing leads we off the campaign and focused only on Facebook

Strategies that we followed :

> Every Product one Landing Page He had around 15 Products Plus we made 15+ landing Pages

> We Used Images, Video ( 15 to 20 seconds ), Gifs ( Videos and Gifs worked really well )

> We did proper Competitor Research

> Remarketing with videos, images, and gifs ( Videos worked very better )

> We helped them setting them Sales team like if we get lead from Facebook quickly

will call Quick response always better and conversion would be very high

> CBO Worked very well and we scaled with CBO

We did Sample Ad copies we tested out did not do too much creativity but what we did in the ads copies all were converting well

One thing I learned is and I will tell them to everyone “ Don’t Reinvent the wheel just do better than your competitors you will get amazing results – Russell Brunson

Quick Tips :

> Build Amazing High Convertible Landing Page that can generate leads (check your

Competitors do deep research also if you need I will send you some sample if you are doing the ads in this niche )

> Make Sure you have a Proper Sale team that can make quick calls

> We were Posting 5 days a week there also we were generating 10 to 15 leads organically weekly and make your social media handle active

> Never Underestimate the Re-Marketing Strategy

> To Get ROI Test on multiple ads

Hope You Get Some Value and this is my first case study and day by day goes I will be improvising in writing case studies and sharing value as much as can with you all 🔥🔥🔥🥳


Top 5 Best “Email Marketing” Services for Small Business (2020)

Are you looking into email advertising? Email advertising is the best way to connect with your customers, construct an engaging relationship, and convert them to customers.

Choosing the best email marketing service which has all of the features you need is crucial for the success of your business. Each email advertising agency has its own unique set of features, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed. We have your back.

In this article, we’ll compare the top email marketing solutions that will assist you pick the best email advertising service for your industry.

What Is Email Marketing and Why Do You Need It?

Email marketing is a superb way to receive your message across, whether you are a blogger and need to present your reader’s routine updates or you’re a business trying to create more leads. With email marketing, you receive your message straight into the inbox of all the people that you want to see it.

If you have a site of any sort that has visitors, then you need to perform email marketing. Email advertising provides you the ability to get hold of your visitors even after they leave your site.

A Couple of Advantages of email marketing are:

Boost repeat visits: Over 70 percent of website traffic left your website will never return. When you build an email list, you can build a connection with your visitors by collecting their email addresses and sending them valuable content.

Build a loyal following: Repeat visitors are more likely to convert into customers, in comparison with first-time traffic. In reality, studies show that it takes 3-4 visits to a website to your potential customers to actually consider doing business with you.

Increase sales: Email conversions outperform both social and organic traffic. Therefore, if you’re looking to make sales, then you will want to start email marketing.

Deciding on the best email marketing service which satisfies your requirements is very important to your small business. Simply because an email advertising organization is popular does not necessarily indicate that it is the ideal solution to suit your requirements. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by various options because there are scores of email marketing options available on the marketplace. That is why we’re going to break it down to you!

Ease of usage: It is essential that the email advertising agency you select is simple to use and works together with your small business.

Automation: Nearly all solutions out there permit you to automate your email campaigns, but every does it in another manner. Have a peek at how different tools boost your efforts and also find out if they help resolve your requirements.

Business: Some providers are targeted at serving specific industries only. As an instance, ConvertKit was constructed specifically with publishers in your mind. If this does not describe you, then you are going to need to register for a service that better addresses your business requirements.

Pricing: Clearly, the instrument you select has to fit your budget.

Let’s compare some of the best email marketing services for your business.

1. Activecampiagn

ActiveCampaign is an email marketing platform/CRM.  It automates email campaigns, the user travels, and makes it possible for us to send out single email broadcasts.

ActiveCampaign supplies a platform to communicate with prospective clients and turn them into repeat customers, loyal buyers, and also to follow up with individuals after purchase. With their modern and beautiful user interface, getting your email new letter campaign up and running is easy

ActiveCampaign is best for beginner marketers.



GetResponse is an email marketing software that allows you to grow your email list with beautiful emails and high-converting signup forms.

With their modern and beautiful user interface, getting your email new campaign up and running is easy.

Aside from email marketing, GetResponse is bundled with many online marketing features that help you grow your business. For example, you can create and host webinars on your site, build beautiful landing pages to turn visitors into customers, and more.

Support is provided by phone, live chat, and email.

GetResponse also publishes a lot of useful marketing resources such as courses, whitepapers, and videos that walk you through different aspects of email marketing.



AWeber is one of the most popular lead generation services for small businesses. It comes with all the essential tools you need to grow your email list. You can design an email newsletter with the drag and drop builder, automate email sequences, and create mobile-responsive signup forms that look great on any device.

Best of all, you can integrate AWeber with your WordPress website, landing page builder, or opt-in form builder with ease.

Getting started with AWeber is easy. Just head over to AWeber’s website and sign up for a 30-day free trial. After signing up, you’ll get access to all their premium tools that help you grow your email list

Support options include live chat, phone, and ticket-based emails.




ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool for bloggers and publishers. It was built specifically for online creators like bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers.

With ConvertKit, you can create attractive forms and send custom-tailored emails to individual subscribers.

ConvertKit also makes email automation easy to understand for publishers. For example, you can use their visual automation builder to create powerful automated email funnels that help you guide a visitor through a value journey.



Sendinblue is an email and SMS marketing software designed with simplicity in mind. Even an absolute beginner can easily start creating marketing campaigns without prior knowledge.

Based on customer interaction, you can send transactional messages with reliable delivery.

What sets Sendinblue apart from its competition is that its pricing is based on the number of emails you send.

You can buy SMS credits separately with no expiry date.


If you’re a small business owner who’s just getting started with email marketing, then ActivCampiagn is the best email marketing service for you. It comes packaged with all the features that you’ll need to grow your email list. Plus, you can make use of their 14-day free trial without any contract or commitment. That way, you can experiment and get to know their tools before you actually have to start paying.

We hope this article helped you compare some of the best email marketing services and find the right one for your needs.!!