Affiliate Marketing

In today’s market, 90% of traffic and conversions to affiliate merchants’ programs are driven by 10% of affiliates. Affiliate marketing services enables collaboration with trusted bloggers, as well as reputed websites. Which also, helps the business to maintain the reputation of the brand and the products. Our affiliate marketing helps to attract more sites to link to your pages. This increases business. Which also, helps to convert the audience into paid customers. Affiliate Internet Marketing is a very cost-effective way of marketing. As it is based on a Pay-for-Performance model. This means you only pay your affiliate for each click (pay-per-click), registration (pay-per-lead), sale (pay-per-sale) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

In general sense, affiliate marketing refers to the practice to advertise your products or services, by placing links on relevant niche websites that your customers are most likely to visit. Those websites are the affiliates that sign up for the program or referral program. And receive a commission when referrals generate sales. Moreover, affiliate marketing plays an important role in advertising your business’s product, as well as  services by placing links of websites that your customer is most likely to visit. The signing up of an affiliate marketing program by affiliates helps the business to receive a commission when the referrals generate sales.
Choose What Matters To Your Business & Your Customers.
Thus catering to this need, we provide a wide spectrum of affiliate marketing services.  Which helps businesses build high-performance affiliate campaigns. Our robust network of key influencer’s, advertisers as well as publishers connect your business with the right marketer to maximize returns. We develop affiliate marketing campaigns to deliver tangible results for the online business of clients. Setting up affiliate programs let you pay only for real customers as well as leads and not for page views or clicks is our forte. We offer affiliate program management that includes liaising between your business, ad network as well as affiliates.

Features of Affiliate Marketing


  • Comprehensive keyword research and depth analysis
  • Effective engaging ad creation strategy
  • Landing page conversion optimization
  • Split testing and comparison of ads
  • Proof of ROI through detailed reporting
  • Remarketing campaigns


  • Results are easy to measurable and trackable
  • Quick entry with competition
  • Control over your potential audience with incredible targeting options
  • Works well with other marketing channels

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