📈Spending 1.3 Lakhs Rupees and Generating Revenue 85 Lakhs Plus Revenue In a Span of 6 Months

February 5, 2021
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February 5, 2021 WETHINKBOLD

📈Spending 1.3 Lakhs Rupees and Generating Revenue 85 Lakhs Plus Revenue In a Span of 6 Months

Focused on Only One Medium till now and now launching Google Ads from December and we did amazon ads we tested for 1 week spent around 1.5k in ads and made about 10k revenue and I can say is in amazon if you have a great product and at the right price we can sell there easily and In amazon, Monday and Tuesday were not the best day and weekend we made pretty good sales

Niche: Into Interior, Like they are selling Artificial Grass, Wallpaper, Carpet tile and many more products like they are having about 15+ products selling

Number of Leads: 2000

Average Per Lead Cost: Rs.74 Per Lead

Per Lead Conversion : Rs.10k – Rs.15k

Target Location: Hyderabad, Telangana, Hubli, and Dharwad

Due to Pandemic our client sales was drooping they were offline they had two stores later they get on a call with us and later we brought them online first we made a website then Landing Pages, and last started running paid ads

Major Loopholes what we found was :

> In this Four Location where we targeted there we fewer people running ads in the niche

> Our competitors who were running ads they were selling at a high price but we beat them with our affordable price

>No Quick response to customer

>No Sales Team

>No Follow-up Emails to customers

Google Ads we Spent around 10k but Later Per Lead Cost was Rs.45 Per Lead and in Facebook, we were getting amazing leads we off the campaign and focused only on Facebook

Strategies that we followed :

> Every Product one Landing Page He had around 15 Products Plus we made 15+ landing Pages

> We Used Images, Video ( 15 to 20 seconds ), Gifs ( Videos and Gifs worked really well )

> We did proper Competitor Research

> Remarketing with videos, images, and gifs ( Videos worked very better )

> We helped them setting them Sales team like if we get lead from Facebook quickly

will call Quick response always better and conversion would be very high

> CBO Worked very well and we scaled with CBO

We did Sample Ad copies we tested out did not do too much creativity but what we did in the ads copies all were converting well

One thing I learned is and I will tell them to everyone “ Don’t Reinvent the wheel just do better than your competitors you will get amazing results – Russell Brunson

Quick Tips :

> Build Amazing High Convertible Landing Page that can generate leads (check your

Competitors do deep research also if you need I will send you some sample if you are doing the ads in this niche )

> Make Sure you have a Proper Sale team that can make quick calls

> We were Posting 5 days a week there also we were generating 10 to 15 leads organically weekly and make your social media handle active

> Never Underestimate the Re-Marketing Strategy

> To Get ROI Test on multiple ads

Hope You Get Some Value and this is my first case study and day by day goes I will be improvising in writing case studies and sharing value as much as can with you all 🔥🔥🔥🥳



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