📈Ad spent ₹8540/- in a span of 30 days and generated 963 leads

February 5, 2021
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February 5, 2021 WETHINKBOLD

📈Ad spent ₹8540/- in a span of 30 days and generated 963 leads

Focused Facebook & Instagram and Generated a Good Number of leads !!

Niche: Generate leads of teachers and tutors all over India & it is an Ed-Tech Startup

Total Leads generated: 963

Daily budget: ₹300/-

Duration: 30 days

Platform: Facebook and Instagram

The average cost per lead: ₹8.87/-

Target location: India

Goal: To generate leads of school teachers or tutors and get them registered on our portal.

Client requirement: 100 registrations on the portal.

Total registrations on the portal: 583

The client came up with an idea to connect students and teachers, both online and offline which helps them to find the perfect tutor or student in their area or teach online all over India.

We created a landing page and sent the traffic to the landing page and collected the data like name email and phone no. and once this form is completed we sent the audience to the registration portal.

Competitor Analysis: 

  • Other companies were charging an initial registration fee for the tutors. We beat our competitors by giving FREE registration for 30 days. As soon as we receive a registration
  • Our Competitors made a big mistake in followups but we made the right sales team for the follow-up and frankly telling you follow up where the money is
  • Landing Page we made simple and elegant to attract the tutors and we told the client don’t make huge money on making premium landing page we made simple landing page that can convert the tutors

Note: For the tutors, First 30 days free registration and later from the second month they had to pay a certain amount as every month in the charges the leads what we got in that 60% was converted into paying customers.

Quick Tips :

  • For this campaign image converted better for the leads than videos and gifs
  • For Free Registration, you can go with images than video and we tried in the stock market niche there is also an image that worked better for us than video
  • Ed-Tech Campaign is a bit tricky do more research let be time consuming but make the perfect campaign
  • In this Niche, the Sales Team is very important. Train your sales team perfectly or it will make your life difficult.
  • Focus on the Follow-Ups and because of follow-ups we meet our target & what the client asked for the leads we gave him more leads what he asked.

Hope You Get Some Value and this is my first case study and day by day goes I will be improvising in writing case studies and sharing value as much as can with you all 🔥


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